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We understand DESIGN as a CO-CREATION, where people, communities and environment are in the center of our projects

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A. Guionnet

“Hélène is a very attentive and professional architect. She accompanied us from a distance in a refurbishment project of our flat in Paris. Her double culture (French / Spanish) allows her to be very curious and explore possibilities without borders. We recommend her! 100%”

V. Sanchez

“Working with Helene is always a pleasure. She is a great professional with a lot of experience. The personalized treatment and attention to detail make her projects extraordinary. Collaborating with her is always a pleasure.”

G. Almendros

“Hélène is a great architect, she understands perfectly the needs of her clients, both at local and international level. She knows how to take advantage of each detail and create value through unique spaces. Highly recommended!”

E. Igonin

“Hélène is an excellent professional, with a great technical background and a lot of experience in adapting spaces, whatever the budget. In addition, she has a special sensitivity, which allows her to immediately understand the needs of her clients. A phenomenon!”

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