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We are dynamics, thorough and above all, passionate about our work


Founder of the studio, she is an architect and civil engineer. She began her professional career in town planning and quickly demonstrated interest towards construction and interior design sector, which has always been her great passion... She studied in France, at ENTPE, Ecole d'Architecture de Lyon and Paris-la-Villette. She also spent a year at the UPV-Caminos de Valencia, Spain. Her multidisciplinary skills provide her both technical and creative talent.
She has worked for communities in France and Spain, private clients, private companies, investment funds, including Resa, Greystar, Azora, Metrovacesa, Amro, Nido, Round Hill, Om3, Hilton, Ona, Grupo Stahler, etc... She has an extensive experience in student housing, co-living, hotels, restaurants and residential.
French by birth and Spanish by adoption, she feels deeply European. Her universe knows no borders, and she works with clients from all over the world.


We are a young company, created in 2020, but with more than 15 years of experience in the architecture and interior design sector.
We are dynamic, thoughtful, and above all passionate about our work.
We are a small office, and we want to continue like this, in order to offer a personalized and close treatment to each client. We believe that the success of our projects is born from this synergy...What is it that characterizes us?
We are transparent, effective, and decisive, because a project is a long adventure and we have to keep it under control at all times...
We are agile, accessible, and adaptable. We are not afraid of new challenges, on the contrary, they excite us!


We think it is important to defend certain values, because it is our seal of quality, both as professionals and as people.
Positive discipline always helps to see things on the right foot, because we are all in the same boat with the same objectives.
Co-creation: teamwork is the key to a good project, we learn from each other, at all levels of the process.
Timelessness and sustainability are two closely connected aspects, and we always strive to find lasting, flexible and respectful solutions of the environment.
The identity and emotion generated by our projects do not leave you indifferent, they transmit something special that awakens all the senses...
Authenticity and delicacy, both in concepts and materials, are synonymous with quality, and allow us to create welcoming and elegant.

Our Team

Hélène Tant

-studio director-

graduate from Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-la-Villette andENTPE, Lyon - France

  • creative director
  • projects director
  • decoration & home-staging
  • construction management

Joan Ramon Freire

- senior architect -

Graduate from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona

  • Projects director
  • specialist in rehabilitation, and heritage conservation

Sergi Ullés

- senior quantity surveyor -

Graduate from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona

  • technical director
  • specialist in structural pathologies & student housing
  • construction management

Marta Vilarnau

-architect and interior designer-

Graduate from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura del Vallès

  • Architecture & Interior design projects

Guillermo Lecue

-architect CGI-

Graduate from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valencia

  • Architecture & Interior design
  • 3D specialist

Mari Carmen Lara


Graduate from Escuela Autonoma de Barcelona y EAE

  • Admisnistration
  • Fiscal management

Sébastien Cuvelier

-digital marketing-

Graduate from University of Brighton

  • Electronics & Computer Engineering
  • MBA
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